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Construction Activities

Construction Activities
KOCA Group has been operating in Turkey and the Middle East Region since 1981, and many construction projects have been successfully completed since 1981, especially regarding the following works:

- Earthworks and ground improvements
- Heavy foundations
- Mining and deep mine shaft construction
- Infrastructure works
- Marine and coastal structures
- Production and installation of precast elements
- Industrial and commercial buildings

KOCA Group operates in the design and construction of mining and deep mine shaft construction. The design of the structures has been simulated to see earthquake behavior. By using special mineral additives for concrete, concrete mixture designs are made suitable for harsh environmental conditions, providing sulphate resistance and high performance, with a service life of more than 100 years in accordance with European Norms. Jet grouting is applied for ground improvement purposes as well as seismic resistance, which is a patented technology. Hydraulic lifting systems are used in combined concrete mold and platform systems.

KOCA Group operates in maritime works and infrastructure construction projects that require advanced engineering solutions with special design and construction methods for sophisticated projects such as dry docks, slipways, water intake, weighbridge pits, railway crossings, vertical precast shafts, caissons. On coastlines with poor soil conditions that require special ground improvement methods such as jet grouting, pile dewatering, caisson sinking.

KOCA Group; highways, bridges, underpasses and related facilities, Power Plants, Pipelines, Water and Wastewater Projects.

KOCA Group can cooperate and enter into contracts for such projects to provide high quality engineering, project consultancy and a wide range of services, as well as construction, not only under its own management, but also through its subsidiaries with great experience.

KOCA Group is ready to offer turnkey engineering-construction and supervision services to its customers with its talent and expertise.